Who are Cheval Legal?2021-01-27T15:49:29+00:00

Cheval Legal is a specialist litigation law firm. Its membership is comprised of senior specialists from the financial litigation and mis-selling fields. In particular, the directors include a widely recognised financial litigation barrister.

The team has extensive, industry leading experience in processing and litigating financial claims relating to Unfair Relationships between consumers and lenders, notably Plevin and associated case types.

We will pursue the litigated claims process on your behalf, endeavouring to ensure that you are not only compensated for your Plevin PPI Claim, but are kept informed throughout the process and given clear, jargon-free advice on your options.

Why does Cheval Legal have my case?2021-01-27T15:50:09+00:00

If you have not previously visited Cheval Legal’s website and signed up to us yourself, then your claim will have been referred to us from a claims management company (CMC), who will have sent us your claim after having acquired your permission to do so.

If you have any questions with regard to this particular issue, please call us on: +44 (0)208 142 4690.

What work will Cheval Legal carry out on my behalf?2021-01-27T15:51:15+00:00

If a potential Plevin PPI Claim is identified, Cheval Legal will review the details and documentation relating to your claim to undertake a further assessment of the merits of your claim.

We will then prepare and submit a Letter of Claim to your lender, who will have a fixed time to respond.

It is not uncommon for your lender to initially defend your claim. If this happens, we may submit your claim to Court. We’ll keep you updated throughout this process.

We will manage all negotiations with your lender on your behalf throughout your claim, in an attempt to obtain compensation. We will let you know if your lender makes an offer of compensation and provide advice on whether any offer is fair.

Your claim may be settled without you having to appear in Court. But, if your case does go to Court, we will support you through the process and will arrange for you to be represented at any hearing.

What fee will Cheval Legal charge me for my Plevin PPI Claim?2021-02-03T11:46:51+00:00

We work on a no-win, no-fee basis, so you can be confident that we will endeavour to do all we can to achieve a successful outcome for your claim.

If your claim is successful, our fee comes out of the total amount received from the lender at the conclusion of your case. The precise amount may vary depending on factors specific to your individual claim(s) but we will make sure that you are fully informed of the details of our fees when you sign up with us and throughout the claims process.

How long will my Plevin PPI Claim take?2021-01-27T20:49:56+00:00

Though all claims follow the same process, we can’t guarantee a timescale for completion, as there are variables involved, such as the complexity of the claim or time taken for a lender or the Court to progress a claim.

We’ll always aim to resolve all claims as quickly as possible, on average this takes 6 to 12 months, however, at times cases can take longer than this.

We will ensure that you are kept up to date at all times on the progress of your claim.

How likely is my Plevin PPI Claim to be successful?2021-01-27T20:51:34+00:00

Whilst there have been thousands of successful Plevin PPI Claims, we are unable to guarantee the success of your claim.

We will make every effort to ensure that you receive any compensation due to you, however there is a small chance that your claim could proceed to a Court hearing and not achieve the outcome you, or we, hope for.

We do operate on a no-win, no-fee basis, so if your claim is unsuccessful there is no fee to pay, although there may be other costs associated with your claim which you will have been advised of in advance.

Will I have to go to Court?2021-01-27T20:54:20+00:00

Cheval Legal have experienced success in settling most Plevin PPI Claims without any requirement to go to Court. However, there is a small chance that your claim will require a Court hearing.

If your case does go to Court you do not have to attend, but your prospects of a successful outcome may be improved if you do. We will be on hand to support and guide you through the process and will make sure you always know what to expect. We will also arrange for you to be represented at any hearing.

What documents will I sign with Cheval Legal?2021-02-04T13:01:01+00:00

If you have been referred to Cheval Legal by a claims management company (CMC) then you will have signed a Letter of Authority for Cheval Legal. This will allow us to negotiate with your lender on your behalf throughout your claim in an attempt to obtain compensation.

You will then be asked to read and sign Cheval Legal’s instruction document, the Agreement to Proceed, for each claim identified prior to us commencing work on your Plevin PPI Claim.

If you have not been referred to Cheval Legal from a CMC you can begin the claims process here.

What if I have already received money for a PPI Claim?2021-01-27T20:59:18+00:00

It is possible that the refund you have already received is only part of what you are entitled to. Unless your full PPI premiums plus interest have been refunded, you are entitled to make a further claim and there is a possibility of an additional payment.

We can review details and documentation of your previous claim to identify if there is merit in a further claim.

What if I have already had a PPI Claim rejected?2021-02-03T11:47:50+00:00

Even if your claim was rejected under the PPI mis-selling scheme, you may still be able to make a successful Plevin PPI Claim through us.

The previous rejection of your claim is not a barrier to us pursuing a Plevin PPI claim on your behalf and we will run your claim just like any other.

Which lenders sold PPI Policies?2021-02-05T11:32:14+00:00

View our PPI Policy Lenders document for a comprehensive list of all Lenders who may have sold you a PPI Policy.

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